Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

Zakaat Management System (ZMS)

We want each individual to grow autonomously and thus lead a fearless life. They should be equipped with the latest technology so that with stand the rigorous and diversified changes happening in day to day life. More importantly, we want them to be trained in such a way that they should have ways to come back strong if they fall in life rather than loosing hope.

For that purpose we will introducing our Zakat Management System which will be selecting deserving candidates from different sectors of educational system (Public Schools, Private Schools and Madrassas) and will teach them to groom themselves with the above said vision.

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Mentes Serena (MS)

Mentes Serena aspires for its dream project. It is a project that aims to change the mindset that mental illness is a humiliation and a misfortune to accept it as a simple disease. The quicker the acceptance and diagnosis , the rapid the recovery will be.

The project is inspired by ‘clinic les Alpes’, a State of the art Rehab. The project will have a retreat in Margalas. This retreat will have a team of world class Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Nurses, alternative therapists, culinary experts, with Masterclasses from different walks of life. It will be targeting all segments of life especially the deserved ones. It will have a world class Auditorium to host Global Conferences on different subjects.

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