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The land of diversity, safety and beauty defines Islamabad. It has become a dreamland for all those who admire green and serene environment. Islamabad has been recognized world-wide as the second most beautiful capital city. It has attracted the individuals from all over Pakistan. Islamabad was known as a slow pace city but in past few years it has evolved as dynamic, modern and energetic city. Once, it was a land of job opportunities but now it has transpired as a land of investment.

The investment opportunities have grown immensely in Islamabad with the growth of population of the city. Recently, the city has received a boost by the announcement of the Construction Package by the Prime minister. The trickledown effect of the policy also boosted the Real Estate Sector.  Government additionally formed a Real estate investment Trust scheme that has decided to eliminate all taxes on the profits earned on the immovable property. This elimination of taxes encouraged investors to invest in different housing and commercial projects. As a result, SECP has registered 20,324 companies in 2020 as compared to 16,456 in 2019 which makes a raise of around 20% in a year. All these steps have caused a substantial growth in buying and selling of both residential and commercial plots.

Hence, as a result the city has started expanding in all directions. It has opened avenues for modern and innovative real estate projects that meet international expertise and standards. This has led to upsurge of several residential societies and commercial projects in the city. Overseas Pakistanis are also eager to invest their hard-earned money in real state especially in Islamabad as they seek it as their future home. Overseas Pakistanis are also enthusiastic to take the role of investors in this real estate sector. Foreign companies are also keen to grab this opportunity in the Real Estate Sector of Pakistan especially Islamabad. Thus, the real estate sector is considered to play a major role in the Economic Revival of Pakistan.

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